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How to use digital tachograph. A tacho card tutorial with tachograph simulators. Using tacho card, tachograph symbols, digital tachograph error codes
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The Digital Tachograph is a sophisticated cab device that records driving time, breaks and stops, activities, vehicle or Driver changes, etc., to a chipped card.

This tutorial uses the Siemens Digital Tachograph versions 1.3 & 1.4
Sends printable pages straight to your printer, (you do NOT need Adobe Reader to print pages).

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Tutorial covers tachograph display, controls and use of Driver's tacho card.
Pages dealing with layout, usage, symbols, print outs, etc.
With printer friendly versions.
Pages covering manual entries in the new, (version 1.4), digital tachograph. With printer friendly versions.
Interactive simulators: Siemens Digital Tachograph, versions 1.3 and 1.4. Covers the basics of operation. Requires Flash.
Information about manuals, CD Roms, and electronic simulators.
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Tutorial and reference materials are based upon best available information at this time.
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The Digital Tachograph records driving time, breaks and stops, activities, vehicle or Driver changes, etc.

Introduction to the Digital Tacho
About the digital tachograph. What it records. Warnings. Additional tasks.
Digital Tachograph Menu Functions.
Changing the print roll More training aids
Digital Tachograph v 1.3 Simulator
A simple, interactive Digital Tachograph tutorial.
Click button to start..
Digital Tachograph navigation
Non Pop Up version
Digital Tachograph v 1.4 - Information
Version 1.4 is to be fitted in all new vehicles from 11 Oct 2012.
It is an upgrade to the current version:
Now runs on local time not UTC.
There is a simplified method of manually entering activities and times. I minute rule has been updated.

Card Usage (v 1.4), (cab guide, printable)
Deals with the new method of affecting manual entries.
Digital Tachograph v 1.4 Simulator
Digital Tachograph Reference Sheets
CLICK - Digital Tachograph  layout CLICK - Digital Tachograph  Print Out
Labeled diagram. Buttons, etc.
Labeled diagram of tachograph print out.
Siemens VDO
UTC time explained. Time differences.
About UTC.
Setting local time.
Tacho Tutorial
UTC   08:22
Digital Tachograph navigation and card slot
Digital Tachgraph operating buttons
insert tacho card
CLICK - Digital Tachograph: Using the card tacho card CLICK for Digital Tachograph Symbols
Illustrated sequence of events & actions.
Essential cab guide.
Digital tachograh card tacho symbols
Digital Tachograph Symbols
 Digital Tachograph Symbols
Digital Tachograph Error Codes

Digital Tachograph Error Codes are in fact. 'messages' preceded by pictograms.
Security Breach Codes however, are in number format.
Includes Events, Faults, Warnings, Notes.

If the Digital Tachograph does not work, or your card is rejected:
You must keep a record of work using the back of the printout paper.

Obtaining a Digital Tachograph Card
To get their digital tachograph card drivers should telephone the DVLA in Swansea. 0870 850 1074

Printable pages
Tacho Layout Card Usage Tacho Symbols
Tachograph Menu Card Usage (v 1.4) Print Out
Changing Print Roll Driver's Hours
Digital Tachograph Error Codes Events
Operational notes Faults
Notes as information Warnings
Tutorial and reference materials are based upon best available information at this time.
Please advise of any errors. Thank you.
Information on fixed penalties is available at
Terms and Conditions More training aids
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