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Register for the HGV City Digital Tachograph Tutorial with tachograph simulator. Using tacho card, tachograph symbols, digital tachograph error codes.
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Tacho tutorial start page Introduction to the Digital Tachograph What the buttons mean Cab guide for printing out. Digital Tachograph symbol reference sheet Digital Tachograph Print Out Digital Tachograph Simulator

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This tutorial teaches the basics of Digital Tachograph operation using the popular Siemens Digital Tachograph, (v 1.3 & 1.4).

It provides well illustrated and labeled reference pages dealing with the layout, usage, symbols, tacho print outs, etc. There are printer friendly versions of these pages that print direct to your printer.
It also covers the updated manual entry system used in v 1.4.

It also uses simple interactive, tachograph simulators to show drivers how the digital tachograph works. Flash is required for simulators.

The object of this facility is to provide a simple, cheap way for drivers to acquaint themselves with the digital tachograph.

£5 for a one year's access.
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Manuals, CD Roms, and electronic simulators.
There is a page dealing with what is available, and the prices, (not cheap), but these are really for transport companies and most Drivers should not need to spend any more on tacho training after working through these tutorials.
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