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Terms and Conditions

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Tacho tutorial start page Introduction to the Digital Tachograph What the buttons mean Cab guide for printing out. Digital Tachograph symbol reference sheet Digital Tachograph Print Out
Digital Tachograph Simulator

This web site does not sell goods or services.
It is provided by a retired HGV driver for the benefit of other drivers.

The information contained within this web site is freely available online but may be, at times, hard to access or understand due to the complexity of EU bureaucracy.
Simplified and directly printable pages are provided.
The simulators allow drivers to become familiar with the usage of the Siemens Digital Tachograph.

Access to the site, for 12 months, is obtained by registration.
Registration fee is £5 and is non-refundable.

Registration does not require full personal details such as addresses.
An email address is required to send the access password to.
Name, (or aliases), may be used to help trace lost access details on behalf of drivers.
Names / aliases or email addresses are not used for any other purpose and are not sold to spam merchants.


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